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The Story Behind Our Original Barrel-Barbecue

We came up with the idea to manufacture a charcoal fired barbecue utilizing a used barrel, large enough, strong enough and easy enough to use. That will cook enough food for a large family gathering, the inspiration for this was, we've all seen them small rusting relics hidden in a little used corner of your garden, small, flimsy bits of tin bolted together from a box of unrecognizable bits, by your own fair hands. Too low to comfortably use without having back ache for a week, too small to grill more than 3 economy burgers.

First we looked at the barrel, selected once used and thoroughly cleaned barrels from reputable local authority registered suppliers, the last thing you want is a barrel that's had some dubious contents. Please if you have a yard full of old oil drums that you want to off-load onto us please don't email or phone with what you may think is the bargain of the year for us and a cheap way of disposing of your crap, we are very careful when choosing our barrels, we ONLY use barrels from reputable sources where we know what the previous content have been and are safe to use. Then we cut the barrel in half and frame the barrel in angle to protect the raw cut edges and give the barbecue strength and rigidity. Next we fit legs and make these legs easily removable so you can store your Barrel-Barbecue upright in the corner of your shed or garage when you're not using it.

Now the large grilling surface 33" x 22" nearly 750 square inches, most run of the mill BBQ's purchased from garden centers or local DIY stores use flimsy wire, that's how they make more money stacking their shelves with replacement grills. Our Original Barrel-Barbecue uses 4.6mm diameter chromed steel bars welded just less than 1" apart to give you that much sought after griddle marks on the food. These grill bars are aligned from the front to the back of barbecue, this simple design makes cleaning the bars easier and safer. This steel mesh is commonly used for suspended flooring in industry and farming the bars are a standard re-enforcing in concrete, proven strength !.

Next we thought about the hot charcoal ash pan. The strong 20 gauge steel ash pan measures a full 33" x 11" is 2/3rds the diameter of the barrel. This space creates an air flow which circulates around the inside the barrel cooking the food from both top and bottom. Suspension bars hold the charcoal ash pan away from the barrel this prevents the hot coals burning off the paintwork. The once cooled charcoal ash pan can be removed easily disposing the ash with the minimum of mess or fuss.

Ladies and Gentlemen we introduce The Original Barrel Barbecue and The Deluxe Barrel Barbecue

deluxe and original barrel barbecues










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